Remodel & Pool Renovation

Updating your outdoor living room
Your backyard is one of the most used “rooms” in your home – whether swimming in your pool, enjoying meals in the outdoor kitchen and patio, or enjoying the landscape setting. Renovating this outdoor living room is as important as renovating the house! Keeping this up to date with family lifestyle changes as well as landscaping fashion and pool technology means more enjoyment and relaxation time for everyone.

Whether you have an older pool that is getting a little tired or you’ve bought a house with a pool that needs excitement added, we can give you the renewed backyard resort you will enjoy. Creative Master Pools has been building, maintaining and renovating pools for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on helping our clients get the most enjoyment from their pools.

Reassess your family lifestyle needs
If you built the pool originally, then your family is at a very different stage now. If you just bought the house with a pool, chances are their needs or tastes are not in sync with your family’s preferences. Why not have a pool that excites your family.

From minor renovation to backyard makeover
Pool renovations can be as little as cosmetic upgrades with refurbishing the interior finish, tile, coping and deck to a remodel that adds structural features such as steps and waterfalls.

Upgrading equipment any time makes good sense
Upgrading your pool's pump and heater to the latest in energy efficient technology will not only save you significantly on operating costs but when combined with a pool controller and sanitizer unit, this will give you easy remote control of your pool’s operation. Upgrading will save you time by automating or simplifying most of the pool’s maintenance functions.

Popular renovation features to consider


A backyard makeover and pool remodel needs a good plan

If you are going to do a complete backyard makeover, then we start with an overall plan that considers not only the pool, but landscaping grade, outdoor kitchen and other backyard living areas. The only difference with a new pool plan, is we can use the existing pool structure. One nice thing about a concrete pool is the basic structure will virtually last a lifetime if it was professionally built.  Another advantage is they can be remodeled with even the shape altered for creative flair.  You will virtually end up with a new pool.

Give us a call and we’ll help you with ideas
Let us help you re-create your pool and its environs to better meet your needs and budget  You remodel your house periodically to keep up with new design trends so why not your outdoor living room?  It just makes good sense.