Picking a Pool Type

Browse through the photo gallery to see what other clients’ pools are like.  This gallery has been segmented by pool type and water features. The following describes the categories of pool shape you can build, but appreciate that with a custom concrete pool you really are creating a unique pool. 

Traditional pools
Formal pool designs use classical elements. Designs are typically more rigid in proportion yet graceful in their simplicity. Some would describe traditional pools as elegant, grand and commanding.

Freeform pools
Freeform pools are unrestricted and liberated from the precise lines of a traditional style pool. The free flowing lines of this style give our clients a more casual flair to their design. This style allows us to maximize available space and often leads to extremely creative results!

Geometric pools
Geometric pools combine lines and radius circles in a more casual or contemporary style. Geometric pools allow creative flexibility in design typically not found in a formal shape. These custom designs can help fit a pool into unusual spaces.

Natural pools
Natural pools have an organic appearance and give the illusion that Mother Nature has created your pool in her natural setting. These pools typically use natural stone, boulders, stone tile and other found materials to blend with the environment.

Vanishing edge pools
This feature creates the magical illusion of your pool blending into the horizon.  An added benefit can be the waterfall on the backside of the pool.   

Indoor pools 
Why not swim year round with an indoor pool that provides both therapeutic and physical fitness benefits?  An indoor pool is ideal for entertaining the whole family no matter what the weather.  Its custom design can complement any indoor décor and space.

Custom spas 
Ahhhhh! Kick back and relax in the soothing warm waters of a custom spa. Add ambience and perhaps a water feature to your outdoor room with a view! A custom spa offers year-round hydrotherapy relaxation or summertime "chillin."   And being custom means you can add seemingly countless features such as specialty jets, waterfalls, benches, jet stalls and more.

Swim spas and acrylic spas
Portable spas offer the flexibility of above-ground or in-ground installations along with the comfort of molded seating and a multitude of jets. The hydrotherapy options and other amenities make these a favorite add-on feature to any backyard.