Choosing Custom Pool Features

Think about how the pool will be used before choosing pool features. You can customize your pool to suit your personal style more than you can your car.  

If you have children and like to bring guests over, consider entertainment features such as a slide, poolside basketball or volleyball net.  If you like to relax with a novel you might enjoy the lounging ledge and a soothing waterfall for background music. 

If seniors and small children will use the pool, easy-entry steps are a good idea as well as being a great place for sunning.  Families with young children like the added safety features of automatic covers, pool alarm systems and beach entry design. 

Pool style and shape
Some pools are more formal in design than others and some more reflective of nature.   When considering the style, consider the architecture of your home, and your own lifestyle.  What are your preferences?   Are there any property features that may impact this such as a tremendous vista to be accented or need for a rock “mountain” to provide some interesting features to a flat property. 

Waterfalls are a favorite customizing feature of Creative Master Pools. A waterfall adds soothing sound that washes away and quiets the worries of modern life. It can be a focal point for a dramatic entry or calming glitter of movement in the background. Whether you crave the majestic roar of a rainforest waterfall or the tranquil trickle of a babbling brook, we can create the waterfall of your dreams.

Caves, beaches and sun decks
There is a bit of child in all of us. Imagine playing Pirates of the Caribbean in your own private cave! What is an ultimate pool without a cave?
For sun worshippers, keep cool while sunning yourself on a sundeck built into the pool. Add a sloping beach entry for small children to play in the water.

Fountains and other water features
Another way to add a special affect to your project and personalize your custom pool! There are so many options to choose from such as spillways, bubblers and deck jets, and custom designed water features.

Jump rocks, slides and boards
Special features are available for the young and the young at heart. Whether it's a natural stone jump-rock or the slippery slide of a twister slide, we can custom design to maximize your fun!

Automatic covers 
Whether their goal is safety for small children and pets, prolonging a swim season by retaining heat, or just keeping landscape debris clear of the pool, our clients consider the auto cover a key feature in their design.  Save on heat energy, chemicals and water usage too!

In-floor cleaning systems
This permanently installed cleaning system uses synchronized pop-up water jets to direct dirt and debris from the pool’s shallow end into the deep end’s main drains. From there the debris is removed through the pool filtration system before the water is returned to the pool through the floor jets. This creates a cleaner pool, better chemical and heat circulation and a more comfortable swimming environment.

Plaster and tile
Let your own style shine when choosing your pool tile and plaster. Do you like the blues of the Caribbean or the grays of a natural pond? Tile designs of Tuscany or the rough edges of natural cleft stone? Recent advances in materials now add more color and texture choices with better quality and longevity. Choices are endless!

Lighting pools and landscaping 
Lighting adds a dramatic effect to your entire backyard. Just imagine the view you and your guests will enjoy when the lights go on and light up your outdoor oasis!  Fiber optic lights catch the cascading water as it falls. LED fixtures allow electronic programming of your favorite lightshow. Color changing halogens add a touch of drama with a rotating color wheel, or standard halogens are available to satisfy the purists.  

Pool Steps 
Pool steps are more than just a way to get into a pool, but they certainly can make it easier for seniors and children – in fact everyone.  When designing steps, we take into consideration who will be using them, where the action is in the pool, the style of the project and, of course, safety. Steps can add a grand entrance into the pool, a seating area or even a place to play for your little ones!

The list of pool features goes on – including the operating control systems that handle everything remotely, even your pool and landscape lights and underwater music sound systems. Yes ... music “in” the pool! We can do it all!