Design Planning

Start with your vision for your backyard
A pool is a multi-sensory feature in a backyard appealing to our sense of vision, sound and touch. We are good listeners and can help you appreciate the options so you can make the right decision for you and your family. 

What is the scope of the project and the budget?
Critical for any plan is to decide just how broad and all-inclusive it is going to be.  In this case, are you really talking about just building a pool, or is the plan to encompass the decking, outdoor kitchen patio, gazebos and landscaping.  One advantage of doing an overall plan is that the parts are designed to work together from the start. 

What is your family’s lifestyle?   
This is the next important consideration.   What do you want from a pool?  What is your lifestyle?  Do you like to lie around the pool enjoying its sparkle and have easy access to large sunning ledges?  Or do you want an exercise area for swimming lengths, or a play area for water volleyball?   

What is the age of the family? 
If you have young children or older family members with mobility issues, you might want to consider larger shallow areas and easy entry steps or walk-in designs.  

Capture the big picture
Round out the big picture at a high level – with general descriptions of what style of landscaping you like, whether you want an outdoor kitchen or cabana, and any other features you see in your vision. 

Pool placement and shape
A number of factors influence the pool shape and location.  Initially we review your property characteristics such as optimal tracking of the sun, permit limits or special property feature and general access to and around the pool.

What entertainment area is required?
Space for quiet dinners for four is much different than space for parties for 40 where the BBQ kitchen area will be the primary meeting spot. 

Planning the pool and water features
We can give you the sparkle of light on the rippling waves or the sweat of a good workout.   Let us light up your evening and chase away the shadows. Check out our gallery of pools for ideas, including the custom pool features.