Creative Master Pools has worked with architects, engineers and general contractors to build and renovate commercial pools for more than 30 years. We know what it takes to meet quality and safety specifications for institutional, municipal, commercial and therapeutic use. With today’s technology, we can build pools that have features your swimmers will love, as well as energy efficient equipment and easier maintenance features that will control your costs.

Families want more
than just a pool

Families travelling these days have high expectations regarding hotels’ recreational facilities. They are after an experience! If delivered, they will remember and tell their friends. Creative Master Pools will help you create an entertainment center that will boost your business with added customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising.

Creative designs that pay off
Whether it is a new pool or a renovation, Creative Master Pools will design features on your pool that will heighten your clients’ experience with your facility. Some features will be visual and entertaining such as waterfalls, slides and water jets. Other features, while just as important, are “below the waterline” such as easy-entry steps and railings appreciated by less agile clients, and pool automation systems valued by the facilities managers for their easier maintenance. Creative Master Pools pays attention to details that ultimately impact your clients’ experience and your bottom line. Call for a consultation regarding a creative design that will pay off for your facility.

Commercial and public pool operators are obliged to meet pool operation standards for their respective jurisdictions as well as comply with the latest federal regulations. Two recent regulations include the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act regarding main drain specifications and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA ) related to access assist equipment. The ADA 2010 Regulations require that all "Public Accommodations including "Places of Lodging" (hotels, resorts, most timeshares, etc.), must bring certain elements of their facilities into compliance with the ADA Standards. The revised deadline is January 31st 2013. There is no grandfathering in of older facilities. Creative Master Pools will advise you on regulation, equipment and operating procedures to ensure a safe environment. Our maintenance programs will help you deliver healthy water for your clients worry-free.

Customize service programs to suit your needs
Our service technicians not only maintain your pool on an agreed upon schedule, but provide preventative maintenance so you minimize the chance of water problems and equipment failure. With today’s technology we can automate many of the maintenance functions and even have remote monitoring to ensure your pool is performing up to standards.